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Adobe photoshop is an editing software specifically for images, produced by Adobe in the year 2003. In this site you'll get to know and explore the different magic tricks Adobe Photoshop can do. Its parts and functions will be included and also some tutorials for basic uses.
This site aims to help people like you who wants to know Adobe photoshop. Also, mark your minds how fun, exciting and at the same time complicated photoshop can be. This can help you in many things.
So as you enter the world of Adobe Photoshop, please hold on to your seats!

Tools and Functions

*Note: The letters inside the parentheses are the keyboard shortcuts for each tool.
Move Tool (V)
Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)
Lasso Tool (L)
Magic Wand Tool (W)
Crop Tool (C)
Eyedropper Tool (I)
Healing Brush Tool (J)
Brush Tool (B)
Clone Stamp Tool (S)
History Brush Tool (H)
Eraser Tool (E)
Gradient Tool (G)
Blur Tool (R)
Dodge Tool (O)
Pen Tool (P)
Horizontal Type Tool (T)
Path Selection Tool (A)
Rectangle Tool (U)
Hand Tool (H)
Zoom Tool (Z)
Color Picker
Quick Mask
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